Instructions To Order By Mail: 

*(These instructions are for sending payment in the mail. To pay online, just place the items in your cart, then checkout with your credit card) 

1. Place items you wish to order into your shopping cart by clicking "Add to Cart" in the items description. (Click "Continue Shopping" to add additional items to your cart)

2. Once you are done shopping, print out the cart page and mail that in.

* You may send personal check (held 12 days to clear before shipment), money order, or your credit card number (shipped immediately upon receiving). OUTSIDE U.S.(APO/AE excluded) you MUST order online with a credit card due to money order/foreign check bank processing complications. 

**IMPORTANT: To avoid delays, please send all Mail Orders to the below address:

Wicked Jester
159 Ross Hill Rd
Spring Mills, PA 16875

All Returns/Exchanges will still go to original address listed on the

Returns and Exchanges Page.

**Please note: We cannot process gift cards. Since these cards are not associated with a home address, they cannot be verified, and therefore, our credit card system will not process them.