Introducing Wicked Jester Tattoo Flash!

Since many fans have been taking it upon themselves to get our images tattooed from shirts and catalogs, we thought, why not provide our art fans with quality tattoo flash and line stencils? Currently our selection is limited. We are currently developing more flash. *We appreciate any feedback for tattoo ideas, and any way to make our flash more tattoo artist friendly. All flash comes with a separate line art stencil page. Please keep in mind; all Wicked Jester, art is copyrighted, owning this art provides you with limited rights for personal tattoo use on skin ONLY. All other uses are strictly prohibited. Wicked Jester, Inc. will not be held liable for any application of such art. We are not the artist applying it to your skin; therefore, we suggest you pick a talented artist and discuss your expectations upfront. Choosing a talented tattoo artist is the most important choice you can make to obtaining a quality tattoo.

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