Thorin's Retirement Sale!

In case you haven't heard yet, Thorin is passing down the company he founded (Wicked Jester Clothing) to three people who have proved themselves worthy. The keys to the WJ kingdom will be handed over January 1st 2014. In efforts to give the new blood room to breathe and to allow the line to expand beyond the direction of just one man, Thorin will be retiring all Wicked Jester Clothing designs that bear his words. Although Thorin is stepping away from WJ to allow it to be quenched with the blood of younger wolves, he will still be perusing his writing and photography career and can still be followed at his new website:

We encourage you to purchase any Wicked Jester tee that bears Thorin's writing immediately, because once all existing tees bearing Thorin's words are gone, they're gone forever. Some of you may wonder why a man would simply give away, free of charge, a company that he created from scratch and built over a 14 year period??? The reason is because Thorin believes in supporting those who have supported him. WJ is not a product, it's a lifestyle, this is why he would never sell it, but will pass it down (free of charge) to his handpicked, qualified successors instead. At this year's Wolf Fest in Atlanta Thorin chose his three successors. Starting January 1st, the three that proved themselves worthy amongst him and his peers will be taking the helm, and Thorin will focus his efforts on his website and leave Wicked Jester in their care.

To commemorate the blood that Thorin has poured into Wicked Jester, there will be a major sale to come:

On Black Friday November 29th. The website will go into blowout mode. ALL tees and books (minus Unchained) will be reduced to 4.44 each! (Slightly more for tees in sizes 2XL and up.) Since the inventory is expected to move quickly, the items will be sold at random BUT we will try to honor special requests. If you describe the shirts you want in the special instructions/comment box (appearing during the checkout phase) we will give you what you ask for IF it is available at the time of your order. This sale will last until all items are gone. The sale is not expected to last long, so we encourage you to mark your calendar for this special event.

If you want to guarantee a certain book or specific tee, then we encourage you to buy it RIGHT NOW WHILE YOU STILL HAVE THE OPTION, because come Black Friday, ALL options on the website will be removed and only the "Thorin's Retirement Sale" option will be available. Although you can save over 75% and stock up on Christmas gifts at near give-a-way prices later, just keep in mind, that all Thorin quote tees will be gone from the Wicked Jester line for good once they sell out (no more will ever be printed by WJ), so if you want something specific, we encourage you not to wait but to buy RIGHT NOW, while its still available. All tees that bear Thorin's words have the phrase "Quote by Thorin" in the product description.

Come 2014 all tees that bear words that Thorin did not craft will remain, and the new blood will be launching some brand new designs to replace those that are gone! To recap, if you want a specific Thorin quote tee, you should buy THIS VERY SECOND while it's still available (sizes and styles are selling out quick) and then come Black Friday get ready to stock up on all remaining inventory at near give-a-way prices! Thorin has poured his soul in to WJ, but he feels that its time that the company grows beyond the vision of just a singular entity.

You can still follow Thorin and his future efforts by bookmarking his new website:

***Will Wicked Jester change drastically in 2014? Fear not, Thorin's successors have sworn to uphold the values that makes WJ what it is. Do not expect to see WJ sellout, or to deviate from its founding principles. The brand will remain hardcore and will stay out of reach of the hands of the trend-chasing masses. In a sea of valueless companies, Wicked Jester has stood as a pillar of uniqueness, retained its integrity, been socially-defiant, and it WILL remain the most real, most deadly underground clothing company on planet!

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